• Antique silver finish, coated with nanoceramic varnish for protection.
  • The ring is made by centrifugal casting and individually finished in our own workshop, from Sn-Sb-Cu alloy, called Britania or Lead Free Pewter, of the best quality, according to European Norm no 1907/2006 regarding the content of Lead, Cadmium and Nickel in jewelry. You may have heard the phrase “e-plated jewelry” and wondered what it is. Also known as electrodeposition or electrocoating, e-coating is the process of covering an object with a thin layer of 0.5-8 microns of Gold or Palladium using electric currents, applaing after ceramix, a protective nanoceramic lacquer, is applied. It helps protect the jewelry from wear and tear. Basically, it is a durable, hypoallergenic and stain resistant protective finish.
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