About the Nichita Workshop

The story of this small leather workshop began in 1994 when my father Petre Nichita started collaborating with international companies, producing belts and buckles for them.

The materials most often used are vegetable-tanned natural leather and a tin alloy called Britannia, from which the accessories are made. It has evolved over time, starting to be known for its quality, producing for different brands from abroad.

The brand was born from the desire to promote the quality of Romanian products that reach the foreign market. After an experience accumulated in over 20 years of production, together with my father, we started to get involved in the creation of new models of handmade belts and accessories entering the Romanian market.

About me

I learned the job from my father, thus becoming a passion for it. Basically, I grew up in the leather workshop, or better said, the belts. The love I have for this job is due to the understanding between father and son.
For me, the Nichita brand is more than a name, sign or symbol, it represents the family.